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ESL Level 8 Business Marketing Research


This guide will lead to many good resources for your marketing plan assignment. You will find information to help you research the country you have chosen, how to market it  and who to market to. 

There are many other resources available at the Library Learning Commons that might help you with your research. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact Bill, the librarian for ESL.
*Search tip: Don't be too specific when searching for your product. Look for the general area:
  • Clothing = Apparel or Footwear
  • Make-up =  Cosmetics, or Beauty and Personal Care
  • Computers, smartphones, tablets = Consumer Electronics


* How to log-in to the library from home.

Magazine and Trade Publication searching keyword tips

Keyword tips for finding magazine or trade publication articles in the library database:
Do general searches on target marketing for your product.  Don't search the name of your country.
Target marketing and product area
  • example search: target marketing and energy drinks
Target group:
  • Generation X
  • (Millennials or Generation Y)
  • Generation Z
  • Example search: (Millennials or Generation Y) and fitness trackers


Target Marketing OR Target Consumers OR Marketing OR Market Segmentation