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Anatomy.tv (Primal Pictures) This link opens in a new window
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Alternate Name(s) Primal Pictures, Dental Education Solution, 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy, Virtual Reality
Anatomy.tv is an online resource that provides over 6,500 detailed 3D models of human anatomy. Models focus on individual organs, regions of the body, or anatomical systems. The 3D images can be peeled away in layers and anatomical models can be rotated 360 degrees to demonstrate the interaction of nerves, muscles, ligaments, and bones.

The LLC subscribes to the following Anatomy.tv modules: 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy, Dental Education Solution and Virtual Reality (Anatomy.tv).

The 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy includes:

- 3D interactive models
- In-depth anatomical text and audio pronunciation guide
- Dissection tools allowing you to add or dissect structures
- Edit tools allowing you to label, draw, and pin on the 3D models

Dental Education Solution includes:

- Anatomical familiarization and overview
- Anatomy revision and practice
- Surgical techniques
- Clinical

Virtual Reality from Primal Pictures includes:

- 3D interactive anatomy model in a fully immersive virtual environment
- Comprehensive coverage of the entire body
- Anatomical text and audio pronunciation guide
- Dissection tools allowing you to add, remove, or hide structures