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Biology 1047: Week 10

Library resources for Biology 1047


Below you will find links to select library resources on the respiratory system. These can help you learn, study and understand the class material covered in week 11 of BIOL 1047.

For access to library resources from home, login with your student number and Stu-View password.

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Human Respiratory System, Britannica Academic

A clear but extensive overview of the human respiratory system, its organs, functions, and design. Includes video clips, diagrams and additional reading suggestions.

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine

An eBook describing respiratory diseases and symptoms, as well as treatments. Each respiratory disease definition is accompanied by its pathophysiology, and an easy-to-read table of causes.

Respiratory Diseases, Encyclopedia of Science

An overview of respiratory disorders with a list of key terms, and links to related overviews of specific diseases.

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