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Biology 1047: Week 7

Library resources for Biology 1047


Below you will find links to select library resources on the cardiovascular system,  blood, and the heart. These can help you learn, study and understand the class material covered in week 7 of BIOL 1047.

For access to library resources from home, login with your student number and Stu-View password.

At the LLC

Anatomical Heart ModelDid You Know?

Waterfront LLC has anatomical models available to students, including the heart model pictured here. Come to the circulation desk for more information.

Read Online

Cardiovascular Disease

A thorough overview with images and recommended online and print resources

Lymphatic System

A thorough overview with key terms.

Circulatory System

A thorough overview with key terms, images, and recommended resources.

Watch Online

Test Yourself

Cardiovascular System: The Heart

An eBook with essential facts and a quiz on the heart's function from Schaum's Outline of Human Anatomy and Physiology. Also available: Cardiovascular System: Blood, Vessels and Blood Circulation, and Lymphatic System and Body Immunity.


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