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Biology 1047: Week 8

Library resources for Biology 1047


Below you will find links to select library resources on cells and tissue. These can help you learn, study and understand the class material covered in week 9 of BIOL 1047.

For access to library resources from home, login with your student number and Stu-View password.

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Nervous System

An overview of the nervous system and related disorders, with a diagram.

Central Nervous System : Overview of Anatomy

An eBook with many diagrams and in-depth coverage of the brain stem, spinal cord, CNS cells and more.

Nervous System: UXL Encyclopedia of Science

A thorough overview of the subject including a list of terms to know and additional sources.

Neuroscience Online: Overview of the Nervous System

An open-access textbook project from the University of Texas medical school. This resource is full of colour diagrams to accompany the clear and concise writing.

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