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Drawing - Techniques & Materials

This guide was created to help you accurately cite sources within your research projects. It is ultimately intended to help you avoid plagiarism, which is defined in George Brown's Student Code of Conduct as: "a direct quotation, paraphrasing or expressing an idea that was articulated by someone else from a text or paper without identification as to source...".

Citing your sources is an essential part of college research which allows you to acknowledge and use the works of others in your essays, research and assignments. Remember, any information (including ideas!) that you did not create yourself must be credited using a citation method - the most popular are APA and MLA. If you are not sure, remember to ask your instructor which citation method they would like you to use!

Students in graphic design also need to be aware of the challenges and importance of citing the sources for any images they use in their assignments. This page will help you both understand the the how-to's of citing articles or books for your assignments, as well as providing proper citations for any images you use. 

Citing Images.

Citing images is an important part of doing the graphic design program at George Brown College. It is always best to make sure you are getting your images from approved sources - Creative Commons, Public Domain sites or Library databases (like Britannica ImageQuest). But even if you do find images in the pubic domain, we encourage you to make sure you still provide citations for those images. 

When citing an image, you need to make sure you include the following information: 

  • Title or description of the image
  • Name of the creator of the image (as it appears on the website or book etc) 
  • Date of creation (if possible) 
  • URL or where you found it. 

But you should make sure to follow the preferred citation style requested by your instructor.