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Citing Business Resources - APA Style 6th Edition

Magazine & Trade Journal Articles


Reference List



Author, A. (date of publication). Title of article. Name of magazine, volume number(issue number), page number(s). Retrieved from Name of database.


Kirby, J. (2015, July 6). Canada's slow stock market transformation. Maclean's, 128(26-27), p. 52. Retrieved from Academic OneFile.

Vander Wier, M. (2019, May). Autistic job fair seeks to shift assumptions. Canadian HR Reporter, 32(5): 3, 9. Retrieved from Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database.


In-text Citation: Paraphrase



(Author's last name, year of publication)


(Bradbury & Blasberg, 2016)

(Vander Wier, 2019)

In-text Citation: Quote



(Author's last name, year of publication, page number)


(Bradbury & Blasberg, 2016, p. 16)

(Vander Wier, 2019, p. 9)

Find the Info


Library Database

Detailed record in library database for newspaper article highlighting publication info


  • from results list in library database, open detailed record for magazine article
  • find TITLE in large text at top of record
  • find AUTHOR in Authors field below title
  • find MAGAZINE, DATE, VOLUME/ISSUE, and PAGE NUMBER in Source field below Authors field
  • find DATABASE in Database field at the end of the record


Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database

Detailed record in CBCA database highlighting publication info


  • from results list in CBCA database, open full text of article
  • instead of Full text, select tab marked Abstract/Details from options above article
  • look for Details heading at top of table
  • TITLE, AUTHOR, TRADE JOURNAL, VOLUME, ISSUE, and PAGE NUMBERS appear near start of Details
  • DATABASE appears near the end of Details