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Citing Business Resources - APA Style 6th Edition

Books & eBooks


Reference List



Author, A. (year of publication). Title of print book (edition if given). Location of publisher: Name of publisher.

Author, A. (year of publication). Title of eBook. Retrieved from Name of database.


Rust, H.L. (2006). Let's buy a company: How to accelerate growth through acquisitions. Franklin Lakes, NJ: The Career Press, Inc.

Monk, A.H.B., Sharma, R., & Sinclair, Duncan L. (2017). Reframing finance: New models of long-term investment management. Retrieved from eBook Collection (EBSCOhost).

In-text Citation: Paraphrase



(Last name of author, year of publication)


(Rust, 2006)

(Monk, Sharma, & Sinclair, 2017)

In-text Citation: Quote



(Last name of author, year of publication, page number)


(Rust, 2006, p. 116)

(Monk, Sharma, & Sinclair, 2017, p. 81)

Find the Info


Print Book

Title page of print book highlighting publication info

  • open print book and turn to title page
  • find TITLE at top of title page
  • find AUTHOR below title on title page

Copyright page of print book highlighting publication info

  • copyright information appears on the back of the title page
  • find YEAR OF PUBLICATION by looking for the word 'copyright' or the copyright symbol (©)
  • to find LOCATION OF PUBLISHER, look for an address on the copyright page
  • the NAME OF PUBLISHER can appear in the following places:
    • with phrases like 'published by' or 'a publication of'
    • with publisher's logo, as in this example
    • with year of publication



Detailed record in library database for eBook highlighting publication info


  • from results list in library database, open detailed record for eBook
  • find TITLE in large text at top of record
  • find AUTHOR in Authors field below title
  • find YEAR OF PUBLICATION in Publication Information field below Authors field
  • find DATABASE in Database field near the end of the record