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Citing Business Resources - APA Style 6th Edition



Reference List



Creator of statistics. (creation date of statistics OR n.d. if no date given). Title of data set [presentation format of statistics (graph, table, etc.)]. Retrieved from Source of statistics.


Trendex North America & Nordstrom. (2017, January). Luxury Apparel Market-2017 [graph]. Retrieved from Statista. 

Statistics Canada. (2011). Place of Work Status (5), Industry - North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2007 (102), Sex (3) and Age Groups (11) for the Employed Labour Force Aged 15 Years and Over, in Private Households of Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2011 National Household Survey, Catalogue No. 99-012-X2011030 [table]. Retrieved from Statistics Canada.

Vividata. (n.d.). Mobile phone – primary use past 30 days [data set]. Retrieved from Vividata.

In-text Citation



(Creator of statistics, year created/covered OR n.d. if no date given)


(Trendex North America & Nordstrom, 2017)

(Statistics Canada, 2011)

(Vividata, 2018)

Find the Info



Statista web page showing bar graph and highlighting publication info

  • open a set of statistics in Statista and find menu for Description, Source, and More Information
  • click on Source
  • find CREATOR under Survey by
  • find TITLE under Survey name
  • find DATE under Release date


Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada web page highlighting publication info for census data

  • open census data in Statistics Canada
  • find SURVEY YEAR in main heading for page
  • find TITLE below main heading
  • to complete title, insert CATALOGUE NUMBER which appears in 'bread crumbs' below menu bar



Vividata web page showing data set and highlighting publication info

  • create data set in Vividata
  • find TIME PERIOD COVERED in Time period field located above data set
  • create TITLE using description of rows that appears in left-hand column of data set