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Developing a Marketing Plan - Country Notebook Assignment


This guide contains links to databases that will be helpful when developing a marketing plan for the Country Notebook assignment for MGMT 2025 International Marketing

Cultural & Economic Analysis

Market Audit & Competitive Market Analysis

The most useful resources available from the library are INDUSTRY REPORTS. These reports discuss industries within countries, and contain information about products and services, trends, major companies, market value/volume etc.

A few things to keep in mind when reading industry reports:

1. Always read the industry definition. Each author/publisher will define the industry differently. Chek to see what is included/excluded in the report, what geographic areas are included, etc. 

2. Always read more than one report. If the industry can be defined differently, so can the products, trends, etc.

Search Tip: Some databases contain reports for specific NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System), like IBISWorld, while others will combine different NAICS industries together, like Business Source Complete and Passport GMID.

In general, IBISWorld reports are more detailed, however you may need to look at more than one report to gain a full understanding of an industry - you may need to look at manufacturing, wholesale and retail reports for a product.

For example when researching the Coffee industry, you may wish to see both the Coffee & Snack Shops industry report and the Coffee & Tea Production industry report to gain a full understanding.