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Researching a Contemporary Building: Information on Contemporary Buildings (including drawings)

Follow the tabs below to find resources on contemporary buildings

We have a number of architectural atlases and anthologies which contain basic information on your building and can be a good starting point for your research.  Search the box below on the architect or firm, the building name, the geographic location (e.g. Canada and architecture, Toronto and architecture) or the type of buildings (e.g. church and architecture).  

TIP:  Our Key Buildings series comes with a CD-ROM with dwg files on each building.

The Great Buildings Collection is a good resource for international buildings.  For Toronto buildings, try the TOBuilt website.


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Articles from architectural journals and magazines are one of the best sources of information on contemporary buildings. These articles often have drawings, photos, information on materials used and on design and construction techniques. Search below on the building or project name and/or the architect's name. 

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Databases A-Z    |   Journals by Title    |  Advanced Search

We may have a book that covers your building.  Search the box above on architect/firm (e.g. Norman Foster or KPMB), or building name, architectural period, geography (e.g. architecture and toronto), or type of building (architecture and church).

Search Art & Architecture Complete.  Be sure to uncheck the full-text box to find references to print journals.

If your building is in Canada be sure to search the CBCA Complete database for Canadian journals and newspapers that might feature your building.

Other online resources:

  1. All George Brown College students are eligible to apply for a Toronto Public Library Card.  This allows you to use the TPL databases, such as Avery Architectural Index, and to check out books.  The main Reference Library at Yonge and Bloor has an excellent architecture collection.  They have a number of print architecture journals that pre-date our print collection and a large architecture book collection. 

  2. Search the RIBA catalogue for references to your building that may not come up in your initial search. Some of these resources may be available in our collection.  Most of these books and journals can be found at the Toronto Public Library.

  3. Use the citation database Avery Architectural Index at the Toronto Public Library to find references to your building.  We may have the journals in print or they may be available at the Toronto Public Library.

  4. For Toronto buildings search Archidont from the Toronto Public Library for references to buildings in Toronto. 

Make an appointment with Andrea Hall, your librarian, to help you get started on your research.

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