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DENT 2025 Course Guide - Historical Perspectives - Theorists Assignment

A Step-by-Step Approach to DENT 2025 Research

Start your research by “searching everything” in the search box on the library homepage.

search box

Tips: 

  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases, such as “complete denture” 
  • Use the truncation (wild card) symbol * to broaden your search to include various word endings and spellings, e.g. the search of dent* will search all the words ending with the root ‘dent’, such as denture, dental, dentist, dentistry, etc.

Find overview information via Background and Overview

Conduct research using Research Resources

  • Search:
    • Journals
    • Databases
    • Internet Resources

 If you would like help with research, please contact the library or chat via AskOn.

Find images via Images and Visuals Resources. Note: Please verify copyright information before you use images found online

As a last resort: Search engines/resources on the Internet, such as Google and Wikipedia. Please evaluate the resources found via the Internet before citing them.

Cite your sources