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Accessible Library Services

Accessible Library Services

The Library Learning Commons offers services that enable library users who have a disability or are Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing to access library services and resources effectively. Our goal is to make all learning materials and services accessible. Please inform library staff when you experience accessibility barriers and how we can make the library services more accessible to you. You can also provide feedback by phone, email, TTY or by completing the Feedback on Accessibility form on this webpage.

The Library Learning Commons documents are available in alternate formats upon request.

Retrieval of Books and Materials from the Shelves

Please ask any of the library staff if you need assistance getting books or reference materials from the shelves. If you need a large number of books, you can email your request to Ciaran Megahey, Library Services Coordinator, at In your email, please include the book titles with call numbers. Library staff require 24 hours notice to get a large number of books ready for you to pick up.

Extended Loan Policy

Students with disabilities, Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing students have the option of requesting an extended loan period for some books and materials, subject to the demand on the material. For example, 14 day loan materials can be borrowed for up to 28 days with a maximum of 1 renewal of 28 days. However, extended loans do not apply to short term loans such as 7 day, 3 day or 1 day loans (iPads are an exception; iPads can be borrowed for 14 days). You can renew your book by phone, TTY, online or in person. You can take out a maximum of 25 items at the same time. To make a request for an extended loan, send an email to the library coordinator at your campus library and copy your accessibility consultant or professor on this email. You will get a reply email that with instructions on how to obtain the extended loan period.  If you expect you will need an an extended loan period for most of your book loans, please make your request by sending an email early in the semester.

Library Coordinators

St. James & Casa Loma Libraries:

Ciaran Megahey   email:

Waterfront Library:

Robert Marshall   email:

Students at St. James may also obtain a Accessible Learning Services sticker that they can place on their student card. This also can be shown to staff when borrowing books in order to receive an extended loan. To obtain this sticker please contact your campus Accessible Learning Services


Assistance with Photocopying

Library staff will help photocopy items for library users who need assistance. If you need help, ask any library staff or the Coordinator of Library Services: St. James Campus or Casa Loma Campus, Waterfront Campus. You may want to request assistance in advance if you expect to have a lot to photocopy. You must supply your own photocopy card.

Library Tours

All new students are encouraged to find out about the services and resources in their campus Library Learning Commons. Students who prefer a private tour can contact their Program Liaison Librarian to arrange a tour. Tours are available throughout the year.  Please inform your librarian in advance about any accommodations you might need for the tour (for example, a sign language interpreter).

Research Assistance

Your Program Liaison Librarian is available to meet with you to help you develop a strategy on how to use the library’s resources (for example, the library catalog, journals, and databases). Contact your Program Liaison Librarian to make an appointment.

You can also get reference help from library staff even when you are working on assignments at home by contacting the library by phone, or by chatting online using Live Chat Help.

Watch our research tutorial videos created to help you navigate the library search! Visit the Library Research Video Tutorials pages to view videos created by librarians that help you learn more about how to find online library resources. 

Library Instruction Workshops

Your professor can request a Library Instruction Workshop for your class. These workshops provide information about how to use the library resources and are available throughout the year. If you require the workshop print materials in alternate format (Braille, large print, audio, electronic text) please notify the librarian teaching the workshop in advance. Note that the St. James Library Instruction room is equipped with an assistive listening device.  Please ask the librarian in advance if you would like to use this device during the workshop.

Assistive Devices, Computers and Adaptive Technology

The following devices are available to use in some Library Learning Commons locations.  Please note, availability varies by location. Please ask for the device at the reference desk and ask any staff if you need help to use these devices.

  • Ubi duo communication devices and/or Boogie Board writing tablets, to assist communication between hearing, Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people and those who prefer to communicate instantly using written or type-to-text display (all locations)

  • Hand held magnifiers (St. James & Casa Loma only)

  • TV monitor magnifiers (St. James only)

  • Large print computer keyboards (Casa Loma only)

Adaptive Technology Labs are managed by Accessible Learning Services and have adaptive technologies including computers, equipment and software available for students registered with ALS.

They can be found at these library locations:

  • St. James LLC: Room 121G - St. James LLC Upper Level
  • Casa Loma LLC: Room 333M

Requesting Alternate Formats

Print Materials

A print disability can make it difficult for someone to read print materials. People with print disabilities may be blind, have low vision, a learning disability, or have difficulty holding a book. George Brown College is dedicated to providing educational materials in an accessible format.  Please check the College's AODA Status Report

If you are a student with a print disability you may prefer your course materials in an alternate format, for example, large print or an electronic file.  Follow these procedures to request your books and resource materials in an alternate format:


Course Outlines, Handouts and Documents on BrightSpace

Professors must ensure that course materials are made available to students with print disabilities in electronic format upon request. It is a good idea to make this request to your professors as early in the semester as possible. Register with Accessible Learning Services. Ask your Accessibility Consultant to include information in your Student Accommodation Form about what format of print material you need.           


Textbooks and Course Packages

 Register with Accessible Learning Services and ask the Adaptive Technologist to request your textbooks and course packages in the format you require. Try to make this request before the start of each semester or as early as possible.

  • Books and Resource Materials in the Library

    Students requiring a few pages or chapters of a library book or journal in electronic format can use the Adaptive Technology Lab in the Library Learning Commons to scan the material. The Adaptive Technology Labs are equipped with scanners and staff in the Labs can provide training on how to use the computers and adaptive technology.

    Students needing an electronic format of a library book or other library reference material can make this request to their Program Liaison Librarian. If possible, please make requests for alternate formats of library books and reference materials as early as possible.



(videos and DVDs with captions and description):  

George Brown has a Captioned Media & E-text Policy. This Policy requires that your professors only show a captioned video or DVD in class and only assign captioned media as course work.  If you need a captioned DVD or video from the library and it is not captioned contact the Accessible Media Coordinator to get it captioned for you. You can also contact the Accessible Media Coordinator if you have questions about the Captioned Media & E-text Policy. You can find out more information about the Policy on the Captioned Media & E-text Policy here.

Other Accessibility Related Assistance:

Our goal is to ensure that our products and services are accessible to all library users. Please inform your Program Liaison Librarian about accessibility barriers you encounter in the Library Learning Commons and how we can make the services more accessible to you.