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Company, Industry & Career Resources- Mechanical Engineering

Company Information - Library Databases

We have three databases that allow you to create a list of companies in your field.

Company Snapshot includes information on revenue, executives, mergers & acquisitions, legal cases, news articles.




  • SimplyAnalytics 
    • Sign in as Guest
    • Create a new project
    • Search by location (e.g., City, Census Metropolitan Area, Postal Code) 
    • Click "Create Project Without Seed Variables"
    • Click CREATE under the Map section
    • Go to the "Business" tab on top left-hand side of the page 
    • Browse by Business Category using NAICS or SIC code
    • Click on the Map button on the right-hand side to see a map of businesses
    • Click on the Businesses button on the right-hand side to see a list of businesses
    • Go to the EXPORT button at the top right-hand side of the page to download the list to Excel

There are several databases where you might find articles on your company.

  •  Start with Canadian Sources + to simultaneously search CBCA and Canadian Major Dailies.

Next, search the main search box below. This will allow you to simultaneously search a number of databases including  Business Sources Complete.


The following videos can help you search our CanadianSources+ databases and find trade publications in our collection.

Company Reports can be helpful when preparing your company presentation.  They provide an overview of how the company is performing financially, recent company activity, company history, executive profiles and often a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).


Company/Analyst Reports on public and private Canadian companies.​

  • Under Guided Search, select Company Info, type in the name of your company and type of report (eg SWOT), select all company information from the dropdown and click the Search button.

Nexis uni company info search


Company Reports on publicly traded Canadian companies.

  • Search on the company name or browse alphabetically using the Company Report tab on the right.

Sample Company Report Citation:

Producer of Report. (year, month day).  Company Name: Type of Report.   Retrieved from database name.

MarketLine. (2014, May 9). Starbucks Corporation: Company profile.  Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

E-mail Andrea Hall if you need additional help with researching your company.