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Building Research: Contemporary, Green and Historic Buildings

Green Building Projects in Toronto, Ontario and Canada

There are several good sites to help you locate green building projects in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada.

Green Buildings - Searching for articles

Find books, articles, and more...  


Use the box above to search the library databases for journal, magazine or newspaper articles on your building.

  • Try the building name in our main search box above (e.g. George Brown College Waterfront Campus, RBC Waterpark Place).
  • For more specific articles, try adding in terms. (e.g. RBC Waterpark Place and (awards or LEED  or sustainable or green)


Some projects may be covered in books about the architecture firm.  Try searching on the firm's name (e.g. Kuwabara Payne Mckenna Blumberg ) in the box above.  Choose "book" on the left-hand side of the results page. Check the Index or Table of Contents of the book to see if your project is covered

Canadian Newspapers and Trade Journals

Once you have done your search in the box above, be sure to search Canadian Sources + for more Canadian-focused sources,  This database includes Canadian trade journals like the Daily Commercial News as well as the Toronto daily newspapers.

Green Buildings - Web Resources

There are several good sites to help you locate information on your green building.

Building Website

The building's website often has a page listing the building's sustainabilty features. They may also list any awards the building has won and generally provide a detailed list of the firms that have worked on the project.

Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Firm - Projects Section

These firms often have detailed information about their projects, including green techniques or materials that were used on the project.  They also list any awards the project may have won.  They may also list or link to articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers.

For example, many of the firms that worked on the GBC Waterfront Campus have web pages on the project.



If the building has won a sustainability award, there is often a detailed write-up from the award jury on why the building was chosen as well as the original submission for the award.

For example, SAB Magazine's website lists the winners of the Canada Green Building Award and provides a complete article on each project and the original submission for the award. The two links below show you the article and submission for One York Street.

There are more detailed awards such as the Sustainable Concrete award that can provide insights into specific aspects that went into the LEED certification.