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Fashion Apparel Sourcing and Entrepreneurship

Research of Apparel and Trade Associations and Suppliers

Choose a Country

example search

  • Trade type- imports
  • Trader- Canada
  • Trading Partner: Top ten countries
  • Time Period: 2017
  • Value: In Canadian $’s.
  • Product Options-search for a product
  • Keyword- (E.g. Sweaters or enter code)
  • Browse codes and Add to selected products
  • Run report

Getting Goods into Canada

Step by step guide with all the information you need for the importing process

  • Import Commercial Goods
  • Customs Tariff
  • 2019 File (box on the right side)
  • Customs Tariff by Chapter - T2019
  • scroll down to "Section XI: Textiles and Textile Articles"
  • click on the appropriate chapter in the schedule, the first two numbers correspond to the 6-digit tariff item number eg: 620610 (women's silk blouses); so click on 62
  • Opens a PDF file. Scroll down until you find the tariff item. Tariffs applicable to that item are listed on the right side. 
  • to determine which tariffs apply to your country, click on "List of Countries and Applicable Tariff Treatments (PDF, 29 KB)" on the previous page found under "Table of Contents"

Research your country