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APA (7th Ed) Guide for ESL

How to use this guide

This Guide will show you how to cite materials (reference list, in-text citations) in your assignments using the APA 7th Edition.


1. From the side menu, pick the type of source that you need to cite. e.g. Newspaper Articles


2. Find the type of citation that you wish to insert

- the reference list records all of the sources that you cite in your paper
- an in-text citation gives credit to an author's work that you mention in the body of your paper

- when you paraphrase a source, you describe the content in your own words

- when you quote from a source, you copy the author's words using quotation marks


To set up your citation, follow the instructions in the template using the publication information from your article, book,video, etc.


3. The examples below each template show you what your completed citation should look like


If you need more help please contact Bill, the librarian for EAP, or the Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC)  to make an appointment.


For even more examples of APA citations please visit the library Citing Sources Page.


Permanent/Persistent Links

When you cite articles from the library databases you may be asked to include a permanent link. These are also called persistent links.


Permanent  links are found in the library database when you click on the title of an article. Look for the permanent link button in the Tools menu on the right side of the page. They will also be included if you send an article from the library database to your e-mail.  Permanent links will always have the words in the link address.



Quick tips

Here are a few tips for common questions about APA citations:


1. If no date is available use (n.d).

* For websites do not use copyright year at the bottom because this might not be when the information was written or last updated.


2. If you do not know the name of the author start your citation with the title of the article.


Should Toronto allow developers to block bike lanes and sidewalks?. (2020, January 9). The Toronto Star.


3. For in-text citations where there is no author use part of the title and add "quotation marks".

          Example: ("Should Toronto allow", 2020)

4. All titles and subtitles should be written in sentence case. Only the first letter and proper nouns will have capital letters.

          Example: Should Toronto build more bike lanes? City council to discuss.


5. All citations should be double spaced and the 2nd line indented.