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SWRK 2095

Deconstructing Internalized Oppression and Privilege

Textbooks and books

The textbook is available online: David, E. J. R. (2014). Internalized oppression : the psychology of marginalized groups. Springer Pub. Company.

To search for more ebooks on oppression, click here, and then select "ebooks" under "Filter by Source Type".



We have many databases that may help you in your search for articles.
Please remember to use keywords to search and not full sentences! Remember to use alternate keywords as well. A quick refresher on how to search is available here.

Keyword examples:

internalized oppression AND LGBTQ

internalized AND homophobia

Please note: Sometimes when searching, you may need to use out of date, older, or in some cases, offensive terms in order
to bring up the most amount of articles. For example, ethnostress as a keyword will bring up 3 results, but using the keywords minority stress will bring up 16,800 results.

Searching steps:

  1. Start off by searching in the main library search.  
  2. If you are searching for Canadian-Specific Resources, scroll down under Filter by Source Type until you see the CBCA box and click on it.CBCA Search
  3. If you still have not found an article, please start searching through the below databases individually OR click on the AskON Help button to chat live with a librarian or library technician who will help you.