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Reference materials like dictionaries and encyclopedia are a great starting point for research. They include:

  • definitions     
  • background information     
  • overviews     
  • history     
  • fast facts     
  • statistics

The Library's reference materials are available in a variety of formats, including: databases, online books or e-books, and books in print.

Online Dictionaries and Encyclopedia

A Dictionary of Business and Management

This wide-ranging and authoritative dictionary contains over 7,100 entries covering all areas of business and management, including marketing, organizational behaviour, business strategy, law, and taxation.

Reference Material Databases

encyclopedia graphic

Encyclopedia Britannica

Multidisciplinary encyclopedia with comprehensive articles, plus biographies, timelines, images, videos, world atlas, country snapshots, statistics and an online dictionary.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library (GALE)

Access to encyclopedias, almanacs and specialized reference sources covering many subject areas.

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Oxford Reference Online

Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and other reference books online. A great resource for definitions, quick facts, quotations, maps, timelines and more.