Apps and Models

Virtual Models (Primal Pictures) 

Solution, 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy, Virtual Reality is an online resource that provides over 6,500 detailed 3D models of human anatomy. Models focus on individual organs, regions of the body, or anatomical systems. The 3D images can be peeled away in layers and anatomical models can be rotated 360 degrees to demonstrate the interaction of nerves, muscles, ligaments, and bones.

Anatomy Models

Anatomy Models

The Library Learning Commons at Waterfront has a number of anatomy models available for borrowing. Review the binder at the circulation desk for a full list of objects. Below are pictures of a few of the models. There are:

► bones ► teeth
► ears ► organs
► a torso with removable parts ► a full skeleton

and many more!​  



Anatomy Apps on the iPads

The Library Learning Commons (LLC) at the Waterfront Campus has dozens of iPads available for you to borrow with pre-loaded anatomy apps. Many of the apps contain models that you can rotate, or build in layers from the skeleton to the skin. These apps are part of a subscription and are not available through AppsAnywhere. Ask to borrow an iPad with the anatomy apps at the library. Below are a few of our more popular anatomy apps, plus many more!  See a complete list of apps herePlease note, the apps can change without notice which may result in a different selection available for you to use.