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Faculty Services

In a continued effort to support learning and teaching at the college, the Library Learning Commons (LLC) is making available two new tools for faculty: Library Reading List Builder and Research Guides. These tools will make it easier for faculty and students to access journal articles and other course-related reading materials.

The Library Reading List Builder helps faculty embed library readings directly into a Blackboard course. Using this tool, faculty can quickly and easily create lists of links to digital resources (such as library journal articles, eBooks and streamed videos, or any web content), which students can then access from their Blackboard course.

Click here to visit the Library Reading List Builder help page


‚ÄčResearch Guides are created by librarians to provide customized subject- and program-specific research content such as links to specialized databases and journals. Faculty can use this tool to embed content from the Research Guides ( into a Blackboard course. 

Click here to visit the Research Guides help page