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French for CHCA

French language resources for students in Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

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Welcome to the French-Speaking World

2017, 45min, CC

Bonjour! Begin your voyage with a global look at the French language and French-speaking countries around the world. Learning a new language is an active process, and language is deeply connected to the cultures where it is spoken. To begin, you will survey a few patterns and rules to jump-start your understanding of French.


French around the World

2017, 48min, CC

Continue your exploration of French manners and culture and build on earlier phrases you've learned. Then reflect on several "word families" that will help you build your vocabulary and make connections across the language. Along the way, you'll also pick up a few common verb forms, adjectives, and adverbs.


Bonjour Les Amis

Learning to Speak French

2015, 2hr 29min, CC

A Gentle Introduction to the French Language. "A very good beginning French Series. Highly recommended". - Video Librarian


Learning French

A Rendezvous with French-Speaking Cultures

2017, 22hr 04min, CC

In Learning French: A Rendezvous with French-Speaking Cultures, you will gain a practical, in-depth introduction to a beautiful language. 30 step-by-step lectures provide you with an effective and engaging means to grasp the core building blocks of French, while adding insight into the relationship between language and culture. Perfect for an upcoming trip or an armchair tourist.