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BLDG3038 – Project 2 - Preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Aerial Photos

The Toronto Archives provides a series of Aerial photos of Toronto properties from 1947 to 1992.  Below is a selection of maps from the available years.


Goad's Atlas of the City of Toronto: Fire Insurance Maps

ESRI Toronto Historic Maps provide digital access to historic and fire insurance maps for selected years from 1818 - 1924.  Search by address and select a specific year under the Layers box to track changes to a property over time. These maps show details of properties and buildings in Toronto. 

For more recent fire insurance maps (Goad's) maps, visit the City of Toronto Archives at 255 Spadina Road at Macpherson.

  • 1924 Fire Insurance Map showing the Spadina - Macpherson - Bridgman - Bathurst area in the bottom right corner of the map.
  • 1959 Fire Insurance Map showing Bathurst - Bridgman - Dartnell area.
  • Goad's Fire Insurance Map Bathurst to Dartnell

Might's Toronto City Directory

Toronto Public Library has digitized the annual Might's Toronto City Directory which lists businesses and private residences for every street in Toronto. The 1914 Might's entry for Bridgman (between Kendal and Bathurst) and the 1969 Might's entry for Bridgman (between Kendal and Bathurst)  indicate the south side of Bridgman was "not built on".

Might's Directory Entry


Ontario Land Property Records Portal - Historic Books

Report - Urban Changes along the Dupont Corridor over the years.

This report was prepared in the preliminary stages of the Dupont Area Regeneration Study.  It is helpful to track changes to the area over the years, including the railway line construction.