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BLDG3038 – Project 2 - Preparation of Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

National Research Council - Toporama (topographic Maps)

Toporama, an online mapping tool provides free access to topographic maps in the  Atlas of Canada.

This map is of the Macpherson-Bridgman property.  Options to add layers to the map appear on the left. (Allow 10-20 seconds for the map to load.)

Ontario - Topographic Maps

Quaternary Geology - Toronto and Surrounding Area

The Physiography of Southern Ontario - Ontario Geological Survey - Map P. 2715

Bedrock Geology of Southern Ontario - Ontario Geological Survey, Map 2544

Make A Map: Natural Heritage Areas: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Interactive Zoning Bylaw Map - City of Toronto

The City of Toronto Interactive Zoning By-law Map allows you to search on an address or intersection or to zoom in on an area.  Options to add layers to the map are available on the left.  Zoning information pops up when you click on the area.

City of Toronto Maps

The City of Toronto's interactive map allows you to add layers such as administrative boundaries, natural heritage, and transportation.  The map provides a current aerial view of the property

Toronto Conservation Authority: Regulated Area Search