Partial content & Embargoes

The links listed are for the most complete content available.  In some cases, a publisher may restrict the electronic content for a period of time (embargo) before making it available online.  These embargoes have been noted.

E-journals that are only available for selective years have not been included on this page.  If you cannot find your journal here, or on the print journals page, please check the library web page under Journals by Title.

Links to Nursing e-journals

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Medical E-Journals

This a very selective list of some of the most important general Medical Journals that are available online.  Some of these titles offer partial access and not all articles may be viewed in full.

Inter-Library Loan

Articles that are not available at George Brown may be ordered via Inter-Library Loan.  This process may take up to 14 days, so don't leave it until the last moment.  Once the articles arrive, you will be notified by email or phone.