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Researching the Technical Report (ARCH 2172 and BLDG 3075)

Academic Journals, Trade Journals, Newspapers and Magazines


The library has a number of databases with resources to help you complete yourPeriodical sources available at the Library technical report. Through our databases, you have access to the Toronto daily newspapers which cover local infrastructure, regulatory and legislative issues.  We also offer a number of trade and academic journals to help you with your topic. Outlined below are the ways in which a trade or an academic journal can help you with your research. 

[Image 1 to 4]


 Trade JournalsScreen shot of an article from the trade journal Sustainable Construction

  • written for/by professionals in the field.
  • focuses on a particular industry or group of industries.
  • includes industry trends, products, techniques, news, updates.
  • Report on changes in legislation, standards, etc. that will affect the industry
  • reports on current building projects
  • NOTE: may promote an editorial viewpoint.

[Image 5]

Academic/Scholarly JournalsScreen shot of an academic article fromthe scholarly journal Building and Environment

  • written by experts in the field
  • published by academic institutions
  • contain references and citations
  • often report research findings
  • often “peer-reviewed”
  • often multiple authors
  • also referred to as: scholarly

[Image 6]


Building a Search String for the Database

In order to search for trade journals, academic journals or newspaper articles, you will need to create a search string to use in the library databases.  Below is an example of how you take a research topic and create a search string for use in our database.

Sample Topic:  Does BIM create more sustainable buildings?

Identify key concepts


Combine key concepts with AND

  •   BIM and Sustainable

Identify synonyms or “like concepts” 

•BIM (Building Information Modeling)
•Sustainable (environmental or green)

Combine synonyms with OR and ()

(bim or building information modeling)  (sustainable or environmental or green)

Look at words you want to truncate *

  • Sustainab* (sustainable and sustainability)

Look at phrases (2 words or more)

(“building information modeling”)

Search String 

(BIM or “Building Information Modeling”) 
(sustainab*or green or environmental)

Searching the Library Databases

Once you have developed your search string, you can enter it in the box below to search a number of library databases simultaneously.  These include key databases like Applied Engineering and Technology and Science Direct.

Searching Canadian Sources

Many of the topics for the technical report have a specific Canadian focus. You may need to find information at the provincial or municipal level.  While a search in the main library search box will retrieve some of the resources available in our collection, you will want to use the built-in CBCA Complete and Canadian Newsstand buttons to search these two databases, both of which have a strong focus on Canadian content.  

  • Enter your search terms in the library search box below.
  • Scroll down the page until you see the CBCA Complete and Canadian Newsstand buttons on the left.

Screenshot of CBCA and Canadian Newsstand connector buttons from the Ebsco Discovery Layer search page

  • Click CBCA Complete for academic and trade journals as well as magazines.    


  • Click Canadian Newsstand for major Canadian daily newspapers.‚Äč


  • Your search will be transferred into the database you have chosen and your search results will reflect the strong Canadian content in these databases.

Please Note:  Once you are in either CBCA Complete or Canadian Newsstand you can search the other database simultaneously by choosing the Database link at the top of the page and selecting from the list of available Proquest databases.


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