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Researching the Technical Report (ARCH 2172 and BLDG 3075)

Citing Legislation and Standards

This page provides suggested citation practices for by-laws and regulations in accordance with the Canadian guide to uniform legal citation (McGill Guide) which can be found in the Library's collection.  The example for citing standards was taken from the IEEE Standards Citation Reference. 

Citing an Ontario Statute

Ontario Statute (from the official electronic version at 

Format:  Title (with year if it is included in the title), Annual Volume(S or RS) Jurisdiction (O - for Ontario), Year, Chapter, Pinpoint (for a specific section of the statute, s for section, ss for multiple sections).

(You can use the official short title where applicable).


Planning Act. RSO 1990, c. P13, s 16.

Greenbelt Act, 2005, SO 2005, c. 1.


Citing Ontario Regulations (including the Ontario Building Code)

Ontario Regulations (including the Ontario Building Code

Format:  Title, Jurisdiction (O - for Ontario), Regulation (abbreviated to Reg.) Number/ last two digits of year, pinpoint section (abbreviated to s.), (subsection in parenthesis).


Ontario Building Code, O Reg. 332/12, s.9.3.1(1)


Citing By-laws

By-law (many are now available online at the City of Toronto By-laws and Municipal Code Page).

Format:  Municipality, by-law number, title (date), pinpoint for section cited (where available - in print versions).


Citing Standards

The example for citing standards was taken from the IEEE Standards Citation Reference. 


Format:  Title of Standard. Standard Number, Year of Publication.


Sample CSA Citation Standard using the IEEE citation method