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Design Thesis

When looking for research about a PEST issue (Political, Economical, Social, Technological) a good place to start is the GBC 'Search Everything' main database. It searches multiple databases containing books, eBook, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, trade publications, reports, videos, conference presentations, and more.

TIP 1: Use Keywords - do not type in full sentences or questions.

- For example, if you're researching how seniors feel about technology, simply start with 'seniors AND technology'

TIP 2: Combine different ideas with AND (seniors AND technology). Combine synonyms with OR (seniors OR elderly) 

TIP 3: Start with a broad/general search, then narrow as you go

Use the main search bar on the library home page ( or the Doing Research? Box below:

Looking for Canadian research, writing and data? Use the TIPS above to search for Canadian content in CBCA Complete or Canadian Major Dailies