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Citing Construction and Architecture Sources


For more detailed examples see Seneca Library's APA:  How Do I Cite? Images

In-text image citations are placed directly below the image/chart/graph/photograph in your paper.  They are numbered sequentially as Figure #.  If the copyright information is available, Include it at the end of the citation.

Image from a journal or magazine in our databases

Taggart, J.  (2013). George Brown College Waterfront Campus. SA&B Mag: Sustainable Architecture & Building, (39), 60-63.  Retrieved from Small Business Reference Centre

In-Text Image Citation:

Figure 1. Level 1 floor plan.  Adapted from "George Brown College Waterfront Campus:  Reinventing Healthcare Education," by J. Taggart, 2013, SA&B Mag:  Sustainable Architecture & Building, (39), p. 61. Copyright 2016, Janam Publications, Inc.

Image from a website

Lehoux, Nic. (Photographer), (n.d.). Detail of West facade from water's edge promenade[digital image], Retrieved March 24, 2017 from

In-Text Image Citation:

Figure 1.  "Detail of the West facade from water's edge promenade," by Nic Lehoux, (n.d.), KPMB Projects: George Brown College, Waterfront Campus,  Retrieved March 24, 2017 from