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Citing Construction and Architecture Sources

Sources from Our Databases

Most of our databases generate an APA citation.  Use the CITE button or attach the  APA citation when you email the article to yourself.  These citations are computer generated and must be checked to ensure they meet proper APA citation guidelines.

Magazine or Trade Journal Article 

Taggart, J.  (2013). George Brown College Waterfront Campus. SA&B Mag: Sustainable Architecture & Building, (39), 60-63.  Retrieved from Small Business Reference Centre

Meckbach, G. (2012). Ellisdon combines building automation and computer networks in George Brown project. Daily Commercial News and Construction Record, 85(139), 1-2. Retrieved from Proquest

In-Text Paraphrase: (Meckbach, 2012)

In-Text Quote: (Mechbach, 2012, p. 61)

Academic Journal Article - Multiple Authors - With DOI

Kern, A. P., Antoniolli, C. B., Wander, P. R., Mancio, M., & González, M. A. (2016). Energy and water consumption during the post-occupancy phase and the users' perception of a commercial building certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Journal Of Cleaner Production133, 826-834. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.05.081.  Retrieved from Science Direct

In-Text Paraphrase: (Kern, Antoniolli, Wander, Mancio, & González, 2016)

In-Text Quote: (Kern, Antoniolli, Wander, Mancio, & González, 2016, p. 827)

For second and subsequent In-Text Citations:

In-Text Paraphrase: (Kern et al, 2016) or

In-Text Quote:  (Kern et al., 2016, p. 827)

Newspaper Article

Wilkes, J. (2009, Sep 17). College unveils vision of waterfront campus. Toronto Star, p.  GT4.  Retrieved from Proquest

In-Text Paraphrase: (Wilkes, 2012)

In-Text Quote: (Wilkes, 2012, p. GT4)


Baird, G., Zardini, M., Kingwell, M., Fisher, T., & Stein, R. (2013). Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects. Basel : Birkhäuser.

In-Text Paraphrase: (Baird, 2013)

In-Text Quote: (Baird, 2013, p. 51)