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Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management (H414)

Featured Streaming Videos

Barista: The Battle for the Perfect Cup is On

2014, 1hr 42min

Every year thousands of baristas compete to see who can make the world’s best coffee. They have 15 minutes to make 12 drinks -- to make an impact. It's like the Olympics of the coffee world. BARISTA follows these young, hungry (thirsty?) baristas trying to make their mark… as they try to be the best in the world.


New Chefs on the Block: Two Chefs Struggle to Open Their First Restaurants

2016, 1hr 36min

An intimate, multi-year portrait of two chefs and their staffs in Washington, DC who struggle to open and maintain their first restaurants. The film begins with each restaurant under construction and follows them through their first year of business.

Against all odds, one becomes the most famous new restaurant in America, winning Bon Appetit magazine’s Best New Restaurant award and a James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic. The other chef redefines success while his wife mulls leaving her high-paying job to work at the new pizza shop full-time.


Somm: A Tasteful Sip into the World of Master Sommeliers

2012, 1hr 33min

SOMM takes the viewer on a humorous, emotional and illuminating look into the mysterious world of the Court of Master Sommeliers and their massively intimidating Master


Free Way: Camí Lliure

2020, 1hr 15min

A film that goes deep into the mind, heart and creativity of 2-starred chef Raül Balam who, for several years, was immersed in the world of drug addiction and finally succeeded in standing up and being the person that he is today. The film, shows part of his journey since the closure of his mother’s, Carme Ruscalleda, 3 Michelin-starred restaurant.



Ramen Heads

2017, 1hr 33min

RAMEN HEADS follows Osamu Tomita, Japan’s reigning king of ramen, as he reveals every single step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect bowl of noodles. He is relentless in his search for the highest-quality ingredients, as are his competitors. This delicious documentary also profiles five other notable ramen shops, each with its own philosophy and flavor, which exemplify different aspects of the ramen world. RAMEN HEADS provides a bite-size history of ramen’s historical roots, while giving an in-depth look at the contemporary culture surrounding this unique and beguiling dish.


Ulam: Main Dish

2015, 1hr 19min

Centers on the honest struggle for authenticity and respect for a cuisine often marginalized by the food world. Deploying rousing interviews with owners, restaurateurs, top chefs, as well as mouth-watering dishes placed front and center, filmmaker Alexandra Cuerdo follows the heartaches and triumphs of contemporary chefs that seek a place for their culture at the dinner table, one dish at a time.


A Year in Burgundy: A Year in the Life of 7 Wine-Making Families

2013, 1hr 28min

Awarded "5 Stars!" by the Financial Times, this film follows seven wine-making families in the Burgundy region of France through the course of a full year, and delves into the cultural and creative process of making wine, as well as its deep ties to the land. "It's a beautiful film. In fact, it may be the best wine movie I've ever seen." - Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal


DVDs on Food & Beverage Management

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