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Marketing Research

Ebooks are a great source for all types of information! You don't need to read the whole book to find it useful. Browse through the Table of Contents or search within the ebook to find the chapters and sections with the information you need.

Marketing Ebooks

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Data-Driven Marketing Content: A Practical Guide

Data-Driven Marketing Content: A Practical Guide empowers businesses, regardless of industry, size, or competition level, to understand, identify and act on big-data opportunities.

Advanced Customer Analytics

A guide to the specific analytical challenges faced by the retail sector. The book covers the nature and scale of data obtained in transactions, relative proximity to the consumer and the need to monitor customer behaviour across multiple channels.

The Market Research and Insight Yearbook: Transforming Evidence Into Impact

The Market Research & Insight Yearbook brings together an exclusive selection of case studies featuring the highest calibre examples of market research.

Mastering Market Analytics

Mastering Market Analytics presents various measurement systems and marketing metrics, along with common mistakes made by organizations and managers in the process of measuring business activities, and illustrates how to avoid these mistakes.

Measuring Marketing: The 100+ Essential Metrics Every Marketer Needs

This informative guide defines and explains the use of more than 110 key marketing metrics for the success of your business. In eleven focused sections, this resource makes otherwise complex topics understandable.

Upside: Profiting From the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

Demographics not only define who we are, where we live, and how our numbers change, but --for those who can read beyond the raw figures-- they open up hidden business opportunities that lie ahead.

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