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Finding & Using Articles

Applied/Trade Articles

Applied (or “trade”) journals are written for an audience of practicing professionals in a field.  Articles tend to focus on practical issues or “on the job” concerns, including methods for handling day-to-day problems, technical tips and techniques, new products, services, and trends to watch for. 


Applied / trade journals often report on research that has been published in scholarly journals, but in a more readable style (without all of the footnotes and scholarly apparatus). A very small percentage of trade journals are refereed by “peers” in the trade or applied field of the journal. Illustrations and advertisements are abundant in trade journals.  Examples include: The Canadian Grocer and The Canadian Jeweller.

Finding Trade/Industry Articles

Here are some databases with full text access to trade/industry articles:

Search Tips

To search these databases identify the key concepts related to your topic and limit your results to trade publications.

For example:

food service