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International Trade Research

One of the first steps in doing any kind of industry or company research is finding the NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System), which is a simple way of organizing information about various industries. This makes information easier to find and helps you organize your research. The steps below will help you find your NAICS code and some other important information you might need. 

NAICS Resources

NAICS - the North American Industry Classifciation System - is an industry standard  that categorizes the various industries in North America, and is used to help define the major characteristics of each industry.

For help with NAICS codes consult these useful websites:

Finding Industry Statistics

Do you want to take your business idea to the next level? Try looking for industry statistics:

  •  Locate your company, product or service within the larger industry by doing a  NAICS keyword search to find the North American Industry Classification (NAICS) of your product/service/industry. ***Remember, you may have to try several different searches to locate the most relevant NAICS code. It will be up to you to determine the best fit.
  • Example: If there is nothing listed for the keyword yoga, try exercise. If you are looking to find information on yoga clothing, try retail clothing. There is an entry for : Athletic Clothing, Retail (NAICS 448199).  

  • Use the NAICS code to find information about your industry. Industry Canada has information on both Services-Producing Industries and Goods-Producing Industries. Remember to use the menu on the left side of the screen to find definitions, establishments, SME benchmarking, capital investment, company directories, etc.

  • Example: If we were looking for information on coffee shops, we would find related details under: Food Services and Drinking Places (NAICS 722)