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FASH 1135 Fashion Scholarship Case Study

Citing Your Sources

One of the most important aspects of any research project is making sure you are properly citing the sources your information came from. Most courses at George Brown College require students to use APA citation style, but please check with your instructor to ensure you are using the correct citation style.

The George Brown Library has a number of guides and handouts that will help you make sure you are using the APA style correctly. The Library also has an extensive list of examples and how-to instructions for a variety of source types. Here is our guide to citing specific fashion sources

And remember, if you are unsure of how to cite something or need help finding something on the library website, just ask. Ask at the reference desk or get in touch with the library for help, or talk to the Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC).

Fashion Specific Citation Styles

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

Follow the format for electronic books

Example: (remember to indent the 2nd line in your citation)

  • Lascity, M. E. (2021). Communicating fashion : clothing, culture, and media. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Business of Fashion

Articles from Business of Fashion should follow the citation format of online newspapers

Example: (remember to indent the 2nd line in your citation)

  • Suen, Z (2021, September). Livestreaming: How Brands Can Make It Work. Business of Fashion.        [Indent]



  • Chevalier, S (2021, August 31). Social commerce in the United States- statistics & facts. Statista.        [Indent]

The complete library guide to APA Examples can be found here.  Fashion Specific sources can be found here