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Citing Fashion and Jewellery Resources

students working in fashion illustration lab

How to Use This Guide


This guide will show you how to cite materials (reference list, in-text, captions) in your assignments. You should always follow specific directions from your instructor for presenting your citations. 


1. From the menu, pick the type of source that you wish to cite

e.g. Trend Reports

2. When the page opens, find the type of citation that you wish to insert

- the reference list records all of the sources that you cite in your paper
- an in-text citation gives credit to an author's work that you mention in the body of your paper

- when you paraphrase a source, you describe the content in your own words

- when you quote from a source, you copy the author's words using quotation marks

- a caption gives credit to the creator and source of an image that you reproduce in your assignment

3. The template shows you what info to include in your citation and how to set it up

e.g. Photographer, P. = photographer's name written as Last name, First initial

e.g. Title of exhibition = exhibition title written in italics

To set up your citation, just 'fill in the blanks' using publication info from your article, book, etc.

4. The examples below each template show you what your completed citation should look like


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Image credit

George Brown College. (2009). Fashion Illustration Class_4687: Students working in fashion illustration lab [photograph]. Accessed on 06 December 2019 from George Brown College's Self-Publishing System.