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BBA Trades Management: Finance & Accounting

Financing & Accounting Databases

Finance & Accounting Open Textbooks

Business Math I 
by OER Lab @ Ontario Tech University

Publication Date: 2020

Business Math I is aimed at university business students as an introduction to the mathematics required for the field of business. This textbook covers the fundamentals of business precalculus, finance, as well as the applications to general business management, human resources and the economy, marketing and accounting.

Financial Accounting

Publication Date: 2016

This book is intended for an undergraduate or MBA level Financial Accounting course. It covers the standard topics in a standard sequence, utilizing the Socratic method of asking and answering questions.



Financial Empowerment: Personal Finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People

by Bettina Schneider

Publication Date: 2019

Open TextbookFinancial Empowerment is designed for a single-semester introduction to financial planning and decision-making, in order to provide first and second-year business students with the necessary financial literacy and skills needed to make sound financial decisions, assess financial risk, and achieve financial success. This textbook attempts to speak to the varied backgrounds, knowledge systems, and experiences of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians by providing Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives on personal finance and financial planning using examples and information from the Canadian financial system, economy, and Elders.

Financial Strategy for Public Managers

by Sharon Kioko; Justin Marlowe

Publication Date: 2016

Financial Strategy for Public Managers is a new generation textbook for financial management in the public sector. It offers a thorough, applied, and concise introduction to the essential financial concepts and analytical tools that today’s effective public servants need to know. It starts “at the beginning” and assumes no prior knowledge or experience in financial management.

Introduction to Financial Accounting (3rd ed.) 
by David Annand

Publication Date: 2018

Based on International Financial Reporting Standards, this textbook was written by David Annand, EdD, MBA, CPA, CA, a Professor of Accounting in the Faculty of Business at Athabasca University. To accompany the textbook are multiple ancillary resources, including a student solutions manual and workbook. The textbook and solutions manual are also available as a combined PDF file for onscreen viewing. The material is fully bookmarked, and questions are hyper-linked to related solutions. In addition, there are randomly-generated Excel problems at the end of each chapter that cover key concepts and provide unlimited practice and feedback. Instructor resources include an assignment and exam bank, and PowerPoint slides. The textbook, solutions manual, and student workbook are all available in .docx format for instructors to customize if desired. A comprehensive, end-of-term case is also available. This requires students to prepare 18 different year-end adjusting entries and all four types of financial statements, and calculation and analysis of 16 different financial statement ratios. Tailored solutions are provided for instructors. An example is included on this webpage. Unique versions can be created for any number of individual students or groups. This case, and the assignment and exam bank are available upon request to

Finance & Accounting Websites

Canada Revenue Agency Canadian Content
Administering tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories.

Checklist for Small Businesses Canadian Content
Get information about your fiscal obligations and their implications.

Dictionary of Accounting Topics
A to Z dictionary of Accounting Topics.

Year-End Tax Planner Canadian Content
The Year-end tax planner is designed primarily for individuals who have accumulated some wealth or own their own businesses (large or small). It includes nine year-end tax planning checklists and several tables of useful information.

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