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Sustainability in Culinary Arts, Hospitality, and Tourism

Impact Of Tourism: Majorca

2000, 29min

Majorca has given millions of people cheap holidays and brought prosperity for Majorcans — but at a cost. There is heavy hotel development on the coast and there are outsiders buying second homes inland. There's too much traffic and not enough water.

Farming has declined, leaving people dependent on tourism. Traditional culture is disappearing.

The authorities have pulled down ugly old hotels and are promoting “sustainable tourism”. But can such initiatives succeed?


Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice: The Modernization of an Isolated Village in Rural Laos

2015, 1hr 33min

For centuries, the economic and social fabric of life in this small, remote village in northern Laos has remained essentially the same. But that changes when the widely-read Lonely Planet guidebooks identify it as a place where one can experience a traditional way of life; quickly making it a popular destination for Western backpackers.

Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice is an illuminating and incisive examination of globalization; eschewing a too-easy, black-and-white read of the subject, and opting instead for a nuanced and complex assessment.

Beautifully photographed, this brilliant documentary captures this schism, this tug-and-pull of civilization, and presents a microcosm of our changing world; for centuries, the children of this village ate bowls of sticky rice for breakfast, but these days, more are preferring the sweetness of banana pancakes.

Nominated for Best Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.


Ingredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root

2010, 1hr 06min

As American food nears a state of crisis, Ingredients explores a thriving local food movement where community, food-safety, and flavor are commonplace. A feature-length documentary narrated by Bebe Neuwirth, the film takes us across the United States, from the urban food deserts of Harlem to the diversified farms of the Hudson River and Willamette Valleys to the kitchens of celebrated chefs Alice Waters, Peter Hoffman and Greg Higgins. Ingredients is a journey that reveals the people who are bringing good food back to the table, and the myriad ways we all can eat better. Ingredients empowers and sparks the joy of discovery in creating a healthier, more sustainable model for living and eating well in a world in need of balance.

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