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DENT 1137 Course Guide: Week 6 & 7

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Sterilization Failure - In the News

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Dental Tool Sterilizer
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Troubleshooting Failed Sterilization Loads

Article Highlights

  • Sterility assurance requires continuous attention to the sterilizer performance, as well as all aspects of the sterilization process.
  • Process failures can be troubling to investigate, due to the complexity of the entire sterilization process.
  • There are three types of sterilization monitors; physical, chemical and biological.
  • A failed or suspicious physical, chemical and or biological indicator indicates a questionable sterilization load.
  • The current edition of ANSI/AAMI ST79 contains very useful and practical tools to help in the investigation of sterilization process failures and/or wet loads. 
  • Safe and effective requires continuous quality improvement processes, proper staff competencies, risk assessments and proper and consistent use of all sterilization monitoring tools to include physical, chemical and biological.

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Rose Seavey, Troubleshooting failed sterilization loads: Process failures and wet packs/loads, In American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 44, Issue 5, Supplement, 2016, Pages e29-e34, ISSN 0196-6553,

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