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Human Resources Management

Reference materials like dictionaries and encyclopedia are a great starting point for research. They can help you get a good understanding of methods or techniques, influential people or theories in your field. They include:

  • definitions     
  • background information    
  • overview of a topic
  • history     
  • fast facts     
  • statistics

Termnology Dictionaries

A Dictionary of Human Resource Management

Over 1,400 entries on human resource management, personnel, and industrial relations, covering technical terms, jargon, theories, and concepts in the HRM field.

Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management

This dictionary offers over 7,000 key terms covering all aspects of human resources, including recruitment and selection, appraisals, payment systems, dismissals and industrial relations.

Business Directories

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Associations Canada

Information on Canadian and International associations that represent industry, commercial and professional groups, registered charities and special interest groups. USAGE TIP:  Please try again later if maximum simultaneous users has been reached.

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Scott’s Ontario Directories

Search company information on 75,000 Ontario companies, by product type, industry classification number, company name, geographic and demographic characteristics. USAGE TIP: To save, print or e-mail documents, select Output Manager, Profile Print.