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Researching a Company, Product, Service, or Industry

LLC Resources

When looking for information on any country try doing a basic search for the name of the country. Here are a select number of resources that can get you started on your research:

Country Profiles and PESTLE Analysis

When researching any company, product, service, or industry it is important to understand the contextual framework in which they are a part. Country profiles provide information on the economic, political and social environments of a country. This information may be useful to further understand a particular industry, or export target. To better understand a country or culture try:

  • Searching for country reports in Business Source Complete. ***Remember to limit your search results to “Country Reports”.
  • Browsing through the CIA: The World Factbook series which can be accessed online. Produced by the CIA, The World Factbook series offers insight into the political, economic, and social aspects of various countries. To access this resource simply search for the country name and the "world factbook".
  • Finding a  PESTLE Analysis. PESTLE, which stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental - provides you with the context you need to better understand a particular country and how it conducts business. To search for a PESTLE analysis use Business Source Complete and use the country name and PESTLE as keywords.