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Researching a Company, Product, Service, or Industry

LLC Resources

To find information on a specific company begin your search using these databases:

Estimating Market Size or Market Share

Sometimes, if you are looking for something specific, like the market size or market share of your company, you may need to calculate it yourself.

To do so, you can try:

1.  Find the total sales/revenue of the particular company, using:

  • Annual reports (try company website) OR
  • Stock information (try Globe Investor) 

 2.  Then compare it to their industry – using resources like:

  • Industry Canada OR
  • Other global resources, like Datamonitor reports (industry profiles)

Click here for details on HOW TO ESTIMATE MARKET SIZE.

And if you really can’t find ANY industry snapshot/market information, think about comparing your company's financials to a similar company/competitor – this will help place their company in the larger context.