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Researching a Company, Product, Service, or Industry

Finding accurate information is a key component for any successful business venture. When investigating any company, product, service or industry, it is important to look at the big picture, as well as the details specific to your particular business, product or service.Take into consideration these key factors:

  • Locate your company, product or service within the larger industry by finding and using the NAICS code to find out specific information about your industry.
  • Use library resources to help you find industry reports, company reports, and/or articles related to your topic.
  • Be creative! Use other resources to find specific information about financials, market size and share, demographics, and/or consumer behaviour.


If you ever need help at any stage of the research process, connect with GBC Library staff at the Library Reference Desk, through our online chat, or by emailing the Librarian for your program:

computer monitor showing statistical charts and graphs

200Degrees. (206). Statistic Survey Website [vector graphic]. Pixabay.