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The New Reading List Builder: Getting Started

The new Reading List Builder enables you to easily create, maintain, evaluate, and share course reading lists.

Assemble materials of all types to create a structured, comprehensive resource list. You can build a resource list by yourself or collaborate with others, such as colleagues or librarians.

Your list is built within your Brightspace course and makes it simple for students to access course materials.

Student view of reading list












Lists can include physical books, eBooks, eBook chapters, journal articles, videos, newspaper articles, websites, and documents.


Why use the New Reading List Builder?


Easy to Create & Modify Lists

Connect with Students & Faculty

Library Support & Collaboration

Search the library collection, add web content, and upload your own files.

Organize your list for structure & context.

See where students are engaging with course readings using built-in metrics.

Collaborate and share lists with other faculty.


Quickly provide library materials at no cost to students

Reliable access and no broken links.


Interested? Use the Quick Start Guide to the right to get started, or visit our detailed how-to guide for step-by-step instructions. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your Liaison Librarian.

Create a Reading List: Quick Start Guide

Create a content module within your Brightspace course, click the Existing Activities button & choose External Learning Tools from the drop-down menu. When the Add Activity menu appears, scroll down and click Readings & Learning Resources.

Existing Activities menu and Add Activities menu


Clicking on the tool launches the Readings & Learning Resources List Builder where you’ll begin building your list.


Choose Create new list.

Choose to organize by default or weeks; choose number of weeks (we recommend 15 for full-term courses). 


create new list; weekly 15 weeks


Click ADD to start building your list. To find and link to items from the library, click Search the Library.

search the library


Once you’ve located a resource, choose a section and click ADD. The item will appear in your reading list.

my list is ready


Click My List is Ready to make your list visible to students (list can still be edited after publishing).

For more information on adding websites, uploading files, editing & publishing your list and sharing with other faculty, see our complete Reading List Builder Research Guide.

Questions? Contact your Liaison Librarian for support.