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The New Reading List Builder - Readings & Learning Resources by Leganto

A how-to guide for faculty

Upload a File to Your List

Click ADD ITEMS +  then click Upload a File.

Add Item and Upload File button

Drag and drop or browse for the file you would like to upload.

Drag or upload file optionDropping a file

Choose a copyright option.

  • If you choose the first option in which you attest that the resources falls within the College's Fair Dealing Policy,  the item will be visible to students as soon as your list is published. 
  • The second option will send your item to the library for review.  The item will not be visible to students until it has been reviewed and processed for copyright compliance.

Copyright options

Choose the source type from the Type drop-down menu.

Choose Source Type options

Many of the citation detail fields may auto-populate from the metadata in your file. If not, fill in as many details as you choose.

  • NOTE: At a minimum, you must provide a document title in the Title field.

Citation Detail Field

Note:  You have the option to provide a note to students about the item.

Choose the section of your list where you would like to add the item.

Click the ADD & CLOSE button to add it to the list.

Student note, section placement and add item options

Students will have the option to download or view the document.

  • NOTE: Where enough citation information has been entered, the tool will search the library database to determine if the source is part of the library collection and provide an additional View Online link.  This link will direct students to the resource within the library collection which can be beneficial for copyright compliance and accessibility.

Full-text viewing options