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The New Reading List Builder - Readings & Learning Resources by Leganto

A how-to guide for faculty

What is the New Reading List Builder?

The New Reading List Builder, a.k.a the Readings & Learning Resources LTI by Leganto, is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily build reading lists within your course in D2L. 

Why Should I Use It?

With this tool instructors can:

  • create & organize reading lists of print or electronic Library resources, streamed video, websites, journals, and more.
  • streamline access to resources for students.
  • monitor student engagement through system analytics.
  • easily update content and reuse elements from course to course.
  • comply with applicable copyright policies.
  • enhance learning affordability for students.

Ready to get started? See the menu to the left for options, beginning with Step 1: Add a Readings & Resources List to your D2L Course.