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The New Reading List Builder - Readings & Learning Resources by Leganto

A how-to guide for faculty

Step 4: Making Your List Visible to Students

Before making your list visible, check to see if you need to contact the library. For example, you can ask to have a print book placed on Reserve for your class. 

Click the message icon on the right-hand side of the page, write a note, and click Submit to send a message.

Note: Messages can be sent to the library after your list is published as well. 


message the library









message library










All ready?

Click My list is ready to make your list available to students. 

my list is ready









List was published












Note that when you click on each item, some items may display as 'In Process' or 'Being Prepared' rather than 'Complete'. These are items that library staff must place on Reserve, or require time to ensure availability. 


Want to Unpublish your list, so students can't see it? 

Click on the three dots at the top of the list and choose Unpublish List. That's it!


Unpublish list