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The New Reading List Builder - Readings & Learning Resources by Leganto

A how-to guide for faculty

Adding Websites to your List

Begin by adding the Cite it! button to your browser

If you have already done this, proceed to Use the Cite it! button.

1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of the tool. A menu will appear.

2. Click on the Cite it! option.

Initials icon to open menu with Cite it button

Click on the grey Cite it! button.

Holding down your cursor, drag the button to your browser bookmark bar.

Release your cursor; the Cite it! button should now appear in your bookmark bar.

Cite it - grab and drag to browser toolbar


Cite It button in browser bar

Use the Cite it! Button

1. In a new tab, navigate to a website you want to share with your students.

2. Click the Cite it! Button (see Add the Cite it! Button to your browser if you haven't added it yet). A window will appear with information about the website/resource already populated.

NOTE: You will only need ONE Cite it! Button for all of your courses.


website with cite it button in browser


3. Choose the Course List and Section you would like to add the resource to, OR click the radio button beside 'Collection' to save this resource for later.

4. Click ADD or ADD & CLOSE.

That's it!

cite it pop-up menu

The Cite it! Button will draw information about the resource and use it to populate your item in the list.

The website will appear in your reading list.

website item in readings & learning resources list with view online link

To access the website, click View Online.

When your list is complete, click PUBLISH to make it available to students. See more about publishing and connecting with the library here.

To upload files or add content from the library, see Adding Resources from the Library or Uploading Documents.

Using the Cite it! button to add articles and books

When you use the Cite it! button to add articles and books from the web to your list, the tool will automatically check to see if the library has subscription access to the resources.

Article from library collection with cite it option in browser

If so, the tool will link students directly to the subscription version, rather than the web version:

Article from library in item list with view online option

Is the Cite it! Button not working?

The Cite it! button will only work if you have set your browser to allow for third-party cookies. You can change cookie settings in Chrome by clicking on the ellipsis to the right of your browser, then clicking:

Settings - Privacy and Security - Third-Party Cookies (Click "Allow third-party cookies"). 


Privacy and Security:



Third-Party Cookies (Click Allow third-party cookies)


Note: Some websites will not allow the cite It! button to perform its function even with third-party cookies enables (for example, Statistics Canada and the Harvard Business Review have blocked this tool). In these cases, you can copy the URL and paste it into a Blank Form.


Using the Blank Form Option (Websites)

Navigate to the website you want to add to your list and copy the URL.

Return to your reading list, click on the blue ADD ITEMS button, and click on Blank Form.

screenshot of the blank form option in Leganto


Entre a Title and click the TYPE drop-down menu. Choose the type of resource this will be (website, etc.).

Type dropdown menu - website


If you are creating a link to a website, click website and then paste the URL in the URL box provided:


URL box highlighted